Arizona Fallen Hero Memorial Riders

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Arizona Fallen Hero Memorial Riders

Want to Help with this honorable event?

Volunteer Information

Thank you for any consideration and help you may provide in this multi-day event. 

You do not ride a motorcycle but still want to be involved with honoring the memory of the fallen Arizona Department of Public Safety police officers? 

We need volunteers to help in many different tasks throughout the entire event. These tasks include.....


  • Volunteers to assist with obtaining sponsors, donations, raffle prizes (preferably items that officers could use), silent auction items, etc., etc., etc………. 
  • Volunteers to assist with registration/check-in, at all three locations, Prescott (September 20 & 21, 2019 location to be determined), Tucson (location to be determined, October 18 & 19, 2019), and Phoenix (location to be determined, November 1 & 2, 2019). That will be for four hours the day before each ride and for an hour and a half prior on the day of the ride.
  • Volunteers to assist with the raffle, door prize and etc., etc., etc. (selling of raffle tickets the day before and day of the rides). 
  • Volunteers to help hand out T-Shirts during registration/check-in at all three locations.
  • Volunteers to man the table for the "Riding In Memory Of..." at all check-in and barbecue locations (the day before and day of each ride).
  • Chase vehicles to assist with disabled motorcycles (all locations, Kingman, Holbrook, White Mountains, Yuma, Tucson and yet to be determined locations).
  • Support vehicles, transporting water, and Gatorade (in coolers), snacks for riders and volunteers, along with limited first aid supplies (all locations, Kingman, Holbrook, White Mountains, Yuma, Tucson and to be determined locations).
  • Volunteers to help with setup/cleanup after the barbecues in Flagstaff, Marana and Phoenix.
  • Volunteers to help the caterer (all three locations).
  • Portable coolers with ice for drinks during the rides.
  • Volunteers to accept payments for attendees of the barbecues only.
  • Volunteers to help setup on November 2, 2019 at the DPS Headquarters building.

We may need to add additional tasks for volunteers as the planning of the 2019 Arizona Fallen Hero Memorial Ride continues to evolve. 

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If you would like to volunteer please complete the volunteer application; read the Release and Waiver of  Liability and Indemnity Agreement; and read the rules of the event. Once you have completed the application, signed the waiver and rules agreement please follow the submission instructions.  

************ NOTICE ***********

Every volunteer must submit a  Volunteer Application /Waiver/ Rules and Agreement forms prior to participating in the Event.

The Arizona Fallen Hero Memorial Riders Committee and C.O.P.S.-AZ reserves the right to make final approval of all volunteer applications.